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We are the Pan Macedonian Association of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. We seek to preserve our founding members’ legacy to protect and preserve the Hellenic origin of the culture, history, and name of Macedonia and to debunk all the distortions and falsifications of history while also promoting our Hellenic culture and history.

The Association seeks to strengthen all cultural and educational ties existing between all Pan Macedonian associations both in Greece and Australia and ensure that our Association will continue to uphold this legacy for generations to come.

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Coronavirus has had far-reaching impacts on every part of the world yet. When it started in 2019, nobody could have guessed its impacts on the whole world, but the disease has come to surprise everyone by becoming the first pandemic with such widespread cases all over the world. Every country in the world was affected. Many are still battling with it until now; Australia is one of the few countries where the spread has been brought under control, thereby allowing the economy to resume gradually. Still, there is enough reason to be very cautious, and nothing says this more than the statistics on the virus in Victoria.


There is so much to learn about Macedonia from its history to the facts and fallacies about it to one of the greatest conquerors of all time who also happened to be a Macedonian. Ancient Macedonia was the home of King Phillip and Alexander. The land extended on the north side along the lines between Ohrid and Prilep (Pelagonia), it followed the Crna Reka flow to Demir Kapija across Mt. Orvylos (Macedonian Paeonia), and continued to Mt. Rhodopi. The land follows River Nestos flow to the Aegean Sea. The Macedonian Greeks who came to this area about 2000 BC are the genuine Macedonians. Their origin could be traced back to Heracleides, thus making them part of the last and larger Greeks group that reached as far as Orestis (present-day Kastoria) along with the Acarnanians, Aetolians, and Dorians. Herodotus described the 800 years wandering of this group which later broke into three small groups little time after the Trojan War. It was around this the first group led by Dorus settled in Peloponnesus. In contrast, the second group, which was the Aetolians and Acarnanians headed south. This left only the third group marching toward the east. By being able to push out the Phrygians, they established the Macedonia kingdom right on the loop of River Aliakmon. Karanos was the first Macedonia king, and he reigned from 813 to 786 BC.

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You too can become a member of the organisation by showing interest through the application form on our website. Being a member comes with many benefits of its own, and you will also be playing a key role in sustaining the legacy that our founding members left behind.